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Health Hazards

  1. Health Hazards

Initial health problems

  • Sleep disruption
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Palpitations of the Heart
  • Concentration
  • Visual Disorders
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Buzzing in the Head
  • Altered Reflexes

Severe health problems

  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Immune System Degradation
  • Tinnitus and Ear Damage
  • Irreversible Infertility
  • Effect on Skin

Risk to Children and Pregnant Women

Children are more vulnerable to cell phone radiatio n as they: Absorb more energy than adults from the same phone owing to their smaller head and brain size, thinner cranial bones and skin, thinner, more elastic ears, lower blood cell volume […]


Irreversible infertility

Recent studies confirm that cell phone radiation ca n drastically affect male fertility. In 2006, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine reported that use of cell phones by men is associated with decrease in semen quality […]


Brain Tumors and Acoustic Neuromas

Brain Tumors and Acoustic Neuromas Studies on brain tumors and use of mobile phones for > 10 years gave a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma. Cell phone use > 10 years give a consistent […]


The Blood Brain Barrier

The brain is protected by tight junctions between a djacent cells of capillary walls by the blood- brain barrier (BBB), which selectively lets nutrien ts pass through from the blood to the brain, but keeps toxic substances out. Experiments conducted […]



The balance of evidence suggests that childhood leukemia is associated with exposure to power frequency EMFs either during early life or pregnancy. Considering only average ELF (MF flux densities) the population attributable risk is low to […]


Effects on Immune Function

Effects on Immune Function Both human and animal studies report large immunological changes with exposure to environmental levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Some of these exposure levels are equivalent to those of e.g. wireless […]


Melatonin, Alzheimers Disease and Breast Cancer

Melatonin, Alzheimers Disease and Breast Cancer There is strong epidemiologic evidence that long-term exposure to ELF magnetic field (MF) is a risk factor for Alzheimers disease. There is now evidence that 1) high levels of peripheral amyloid […]


Genotoxicity (DNA Damage from RF and ELF)

Genotoxicity (DNA Damage from RF and ELF) Toxicity to the genome can lead to a change in cellular functions, cancer, and cell death. One can conclude that under certain conditions of exposure RF is genotoxic. Data available are mainly […]


Stress Response

Scientific research on stress proteins has shown that the public is not being protected from potential damage that can be caused by exposure to EMF, both power frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF). Cells react to an EMF as potentially harmful […]